APP 100% Riciclo

Use this mobile application to know everything about recycling. You’ll receive timely and up to date information in an easy, practical and environmentally-friendly way.

In particular, 100% Riciclo allows to:

  • Create one or more user profiles specifying your residence area in Trentino and the type of user (resident, company, tourist);
  • Discover where and how to differentiate a single piece of rubbish or a type of waste;
  • Discover the nearest waste collection area (ecological areas and CRM), view it on the map and plan a trip to reach it;
  • Understand how the differentiated waste collection is managed in a given municipality;
  • Easily switch from one profile to another;
  • Send messages via email to the waste collection manager;
  • Have contact information of the entities that manage the differentiated waste collection;
  • Know the calendar of the door-to-door collection service and of the waste collection centres’ opening hours;
  • Receive daily notifications (at 3PM) regarding the door-to-door collection on the following day;
  • Save your personal notes about the differentiated waste collection.

The App was designed and developed by the Consorzio dei Comuni Trentini, Comunità delle Giudicarie, and the Bruno Kessler Foundation in collaboration with Ladurner Energy.

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The app is available both on Google play and on the App Store

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