"Targa la bici"

Targa la bici” is a service promoted by the local administration to encourage cycling and  reduce bicycle theft.

Bici card

The service was first implemented in May 2010 and is active every Thursday morning from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm in Via Belenzani, 18.
The service is carried out upon reservation (see instructions below).

What is “Targa la Bici”

“Targa la Bici” consists in indelibly marking the owner’s tax code on the bicycle frame for an easier track down in case of bike theft and finding. It is a completely free service made available to those who routinely use their bikes to move around the city and can be made on any bike type and model with the exception of carbon bikes.

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Contact points

Come fare / Cosa fare

How to mark your bike

The service is carried out only upon reservation. To make a reservation:


  • bring the form, together with an ID copy, to the Mobility Office (Mobility and Safety Project) or to the URP in their opening hours.

The applicant will be included in a reservation list and will be then contacted by phone in order to define a suitable date.


Minors can mark their bike with their own tax code or with that of a parent.
In the first case, the registration form must be filled with the minor’s data and signed by a parent who will attach a copy of his/her ID along with that of the minor.
In the second case, the registration form must be filled with the parent’s data and signed by the parent who will attach a personal ID copy.

How it works

On the day of the marking the owner must bring:

  • the bicycle
  • the health insurance card
  • the ID mentioned in the registration form

Once the marking operation is completed a card containing the owner’s and the bicycle’s data is issued.

What to do in case of sale or transfer

Any transfer of ownership of the bike must be communicated to the Mobility Office which will update the database and release a new card to the new owner.

What to do in case of theft

In the unlucky event of a bike theft, the owner must file a complaint to the Police or Carabinieri (bringing his/her card so as to allow the agents to access the “Targa la Bici” database) and communicate the theft to the Mobility Office.


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