Shelly provides geolocalized and real time traffic and road info as well as other public utility information in the area around you or in your neighbourhood. Shelly integrates information from the Municipality, the Municipal Police and from the community itself - the citizens can therefore play an active role in improving the livability of the city by reporting issues of different kinds.

You can be immediately updated about what is happening around you by visualizing all the information on a map. Furthermore, you can report an event choosing among 12 types of reports including - but not limited to: vandalism, traffic, animals, thefts and scams. The reports are then made visible to the community on the map for a limited period of time, based on the type of event reported.
In addition, you can also monitor what happens around a specific place you are interested in, such as your home, your office, your children’s school, or your parents’ home.

Where to find it

The app is available both on Google play and on the App Store

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