Cartografia per smartphone

Consult the general cartographic data of the Municipality of Trento directly from your smartphone or tablet.

From your smartphone or tablet you can access:

  • general cartography:
  • search for streets and civic numbers
  • visualize particles and cadastral numbers
  • Search for the cadastral parcel
  • see simplified map
  • see technical black&white map
  • see technical colored map
  • see 2009 - 2011 - 2015 orthophotos
  • use the geolocalization feature
  • cemeterial cartography:

his service supports the dedicated office but can also be used by the citizens to find information about:

    • who is buried where
    • where exactly a deceased person has been buried 
    • what kind of grave it is (concession, common grave)
    • the sculptures around the cemetery

These services have been tested on the following devices:

  • Android 4 and more
  • iOS (iPhone) 4 and more
  • Windows Phone

In case of doubts or if you wish to report malfunctions or make suggestions to improve the services, please write to:

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