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The Alpine Botanic Garden-Viote, the stars terrace, hiking, climbing and Adventure Park, hang gliding and paragliding, Trentino Volley Big Camp and Mountain biking cycling.

Giardino Botanico Alpino delle Viote (Alpine Botanic Garden – Viote di Monte Bondone)
An area of 185 hectares/458 acres around the summit of Monte Bondone has been declared a strict nature reserve. The Viote hollow is home to an Alpine botanic garden where over two thousand species of plants and flowers from the world's main mountain ranges are grown. The garden, which was established in the 1930s with the aim of spreading knowledge about Alpine flora and promoting its protection, is one of the oldest and largest botanic gardens in the Alps. It is a branch of the Tridentine Museum of Natural Sciences in Trento. During the summer, various theme-led activities are organized for participants of all ages.

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Terrazza delle stelle (Stars terrace)
The location of the astronomical observatory 'Terrazza delle Stelle' in the Viote hollow on Monte Bondone, although just a few kilometres from the regional capital, is quite far from the light pollution of residential areas and therefore ideal for stargazing. The observatory is equipped with powerful telescopes that, in the hands of expert operators, become enviable tools for watching the night sky. The terrace is not only used for astronomical observations, but also as a venue for classical and pop music concerts, science theatre performances, shows, storytelling for children, and astronomy-related courses for stargazing enthusiasts who would like to acquire a deeper knowledge of the subject.

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Monte Bondone offers many opportunities for recreation and relaxation to those who enjoy going on long walks across woods and pastures in search of panoramic spots and beauties of nature. As far as walks and hikes in the outskirts of Trento, on Monte Bondone and other mountains around the town (Calisio, Celva, Marzola, Vigolana) are concerned, there are about fifty sign-posted and well maintained paths and trails which make it easy for all and sundry to reach the mountain peaks or to just wander through woods and meadows in a magnificent Alpine setting – whether simply in order to enjoy the countryside or with the aim of visiting sites that make you discover more about the area's art and history. Among these paths and trails there are a few which are more difficult, i.e. the so-called 'vie ferrate' that are equipped with ropes and metal ladders and, therefore, have a more mountaineering feel to them.

Practice crag and adventure park
A practice crag fitted with resident protection can be found at Vason, on Monte Bondone, just 20 minutes from Trento by car. It has long been in use and is named after mountaineering siblings Giorgio and Rita Graffer. The rockface, which is in a small amphitheatre-like space in a wood, features routes of different difficulty levels. From an isolated boulder, you can experience the thrill of height by crossing a Nepalese bridge and proceeding down two zip lines (aka 'Tyrolean runways') that are over 20 m/65 ft above the ground. Even at the height of summer, the woodland location, altitude (1,580 m/5,184 ft above sea level), and solar orientation of the rockface combine to ensure cool temperatures that are ideal for climbing.

Paragliding and hang gliding
Monte Bondone and Valle dei Laghi offer many possibilities to those who enjoy the thrill of flying without an engine. Whether you opt for paragliding or hang gliding, you'll find competent and experienced instructors who will help you discover the area's breathtaking bird's-eye views.

Trentino Volley Big Camp
This is a summer camp dedicated to children who want to spend their holiday playing volleyball in a natural setting. The participants, who must be between 11 and 16 years old in order to qualify, will have the opportunity to have a go at three various forms of volleyball that can be played in the summer, i.e. beach volleyball (B), indoor volleyball (I), and lawn volleyball (or 'Green Volley', hence the 'g' in 'Big Camp'). Each of these three variations represents a different way of combining the fun of volleyball with the enjoyment of Monte Bondone's natural landscape.

Cycling and mountain biking
If the climb to Monte Bondone has become legendary among cycling fans it is of course because of Charly Gaul's exploit. But the reverse is also true: the Luxembourg climbing specialist owes his legendary status to the existence of the bends in the Bondone road. Today, cycling fans continue to be fascinated at the thought of suffering the same hardships as countless cycling champions, and the yearly Monte Bondone race is a tempting challenge for them.

(Photos: N. Angeli)

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