The public and free Wi-fi in Trento. Where it is and how to use it

Basic information

In the central city areas you can connect for free to the Internet through the Wilma network;

the only requirement is to have an Italian mobile phone or, alternatively, a credit card.

How to use this Wi-Fi network

To gain access, just connect to the network coverage area with any kind of wi-fi device (laptop, smartphone, tablet) and select the Wilmanet network.

Follow these simple steps to your registration

  • insertion of the required personal data
  • reading and acceptance of the conditions of the service and of the note pertaining to the processing of personal data

If you have an Italian mobile phone, in real time you will receive the access password by a text message; if you register with a credit card, you can choose your username and password, which will be enabled after the payment of Euro 1 on Paypal.

User support:

For information or support, users can also contact Futur3 through:

  • e-mail (
  • telephone support (by payment) n. 895 895 0832.

Planimetria delle zone servite
File Planimetria zone servite (grande).pdf (918,80 kB)

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