From the central Piazza Duomo, walking around Torre Civica and Palazzo Pretorio, you will reach Palazzo Calepini (1); its facade overlooks Via Calepina and maintains a late-renaissance style. Further on, you can admire Palazzo Sardagna (2), which is considered one of the greatest palaces of the town also thanks to its elegant baroque portal. In the nearby there is the Palazzo Roccabruna (3): it dates back to the XVI century and promotes wine and local products tasting events. Further on, in via Santa Trinità, you can admire the Massarelli Tower (or Torre Arcidiaconale) (4): it is a massive medieval building which takes the name from Angelo Massarelli, who lived here during the Council of Trento sessions, where he served as a secretary.

The street is closed from the eastern side by the Chiesa di Santa Trinità (5) facade. Going back you will reach the elegant Via Mazzini, which is overlooked by Palazzo Larcher Fogazzaro (6), one of the most important baroque palaces in the town. Walking along Via Mazzini you will finally arrive in Piazza Fiera (7), where in the XIII century the prince bishop Federico Vanga wanted the walls (mura wanghiane) (8) that still delimitate the square on the northern side. On the western side, the Torrione Madruzziano(9) stands: it is entirely built with the local red stone and on the top you can see an octagonal lantern.

The itinerary is entirely flat. In all the streets involved, except for a portion in Via Mazzini, there are parking lots for disabled drivers.

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