Molino Vittoria

Built in 1912 by Trento engineer Tommaso Stolcis, the Molino Vittoria (Vittoria mill) was initially devoted to processing cereals.

Its location, near the railway, was meant to facilitate the arrival of wheat, which was then turned into flour and stored in the adjacent consortium bakery. The south façade shows two statues, one dedicated to Ceres, goddess of cereals and harvests, and the other dedicated to Mercury, god of merchandise and protector of merchants. In 1921 the building went through a fire and the owners decided to build a tower with a water storage tank, still visible today. Trento University bought the building in 1989, starting the restoration works that ended in 2002. As part of the restoration, it was decided to devote the tower to the installation of the University Meteorological Observatory, and the rest of the building to administrative offices and the library.

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Via Verdi 6, 38122 Trento

Useful information for disabled people:

A reserved parking lot at approx. 160 metres, there are other 4 reserved sections in via Inama at approx.130m. The building is the seat of some administrative offices and it can be viseted only outside. The pedestrian access is along via Verdi.

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