Cattedrale di San Vigilio

An eminent Romanesque three-nave temple, the cathedral is a treasure trove of sacred art, which holds paintings and sculptures ranging from the Paleo-christian period to the 19th century, including striking frescoes from the 14th century as well as Renaissance and Baroque canvases.

The façade is highlighted by a large rose window and a magnificent splay portal. An elegant Romanesque porch portal is located on its North side - on the corner of Piazza del Duomo - and is supported by column-bearing lions, and supplemented by Gothic and Renaissance details. A second rose window opens up on top of the transept depicting the Wheel of Fortune. The portals lunettes, pillars, capitals and other architectural details are all embellished with sumptuous decorations, outcome of a century-long work by a number of masters from Intelvi and Como, starting from Maestro Adam d’Arogno who – in 1212 – took control of the building site under Price-Bishop Federico Vanga. The opening of the Council was held in the Cathedral on the 13th December 1545. In the choir the sessions of the first and second phase of the Council took place.
The Baroque Cappella del Crocifisso is located on the South side. With its square plan and cupola, the chapel was built by Prince-Bishop Francesco Alberti Poja to house the great wooden crucifix in front of which the Council’s Decrees were proclaimed. In the Cathedral various official ceremonies took place such as the conferment of the cardinal’s biretta to Cardinal Ludovico Madruzzo on the 20th of April 1561.
The synod was closed on the 4th of December 1563 in the Cathedral and the day after all the 217 Council Fathers gathered to sign all the council acts.

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Piazza Duomo, Trento

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Four disable parking lots are located in the edge of Piazza Duomo next to Via Belenzani (about 100 metres away), while another disabled parking space can be found in Via Cavour (about 130 meters away).

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Cattedrale di San Vigilio, Piazza Duomo

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