Palazzo Salvadori

The palace was built in the early 16th century by the Lombard artist Lucio di Pietro, where the ancient Jewish synagogue used to stand.

It is a typical and consistent example of the changes Renaissance brought on the urban lay-out. The inner chapel – now desecrated – was painted by Carl Henrici, an artist from Bolzano, in 1770. The two stone medallions above the front doors, which were sculpted by Francesco Oradini in the 18th century, depict Simonino's Martyrdom and Glory: the scenes portray a ritual infanticide, which actually never took place. The Jewish community of the Trentino was wrongly accused of the crime in 1475, was persecuted and got scattered as a result.

Foto: Francesca Medici

Via Manci 69, 38122 Trento
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