The tower owes its name to the colour of its cusp roof.

Built to defend St. Martino's gate, which no longer exists, it was the last bulwark of the town walls on the banks of the River Adige before it was diverted in 1858. The tower features a semi-circular base, a low pointed door and a small balcony. In medieval time, it was the place where the boats had to pay a fee for enterning the city. Restoration works on the building were carried out under Bishop Giorgio II Hack during the 1450s. When the walls connecting the tower to the nearby castle were demolished, the tower was isolated and lost its functional role.

Foto Paolo Belvedere

Via Alessandro Manzoni 5, 38122 Trento

One disabled parking lot is located about 5m away in the nearby Via Manzoni, while four more disabled parking spaces are located in Piazza Mostra. The Tower can only be admired from the outside, in fact, today, it is used as private home and offices.

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